How Music Saved My Life

Firstly let me paint the picture of a young
boy growing up in a middle class family in
the western suburbs of Victoria, Australia.
From the outside I had a modest up bringing
with a regular family life with my mother,
father and two brothers. However as long I
can remember back I had always felt a little
of place (I’ll tell you a little more about
this later on) It was like no matter what I
did I always felt misunderstood and
insignificant in the eyes of others and as a
result didn’t value myself or feel that I had
something to belong to.

It wasn’t until year 7 aged 12 was my first
turning point with getting my first guitar
and hearing the amazing new rock music of the
mid 90’s. I was in the music room at my high
school and my friends were listening to the
music of some new bands with aggressive guitars,
catchy vocal hooks and punchy rhythmic drums,
I remember being so completely awe inspired
and driven to know how to make those sounds
on the guitar that from that point on I would
dedicate as much time as I possibly could to
practicing guitar and creating music
everyday. My life finally had a meaning and
purpose, so I thought….

By age 16 I didn’t care about school, and
school didn’t care about me. It wasn’t
interesting and none of my teachers could
help me to do what I most loved to do. It was
also at that point I discovered girls and
alcohol. From that stage on my social
pursuits combined with the lack of
understanding by my high school teachers (of
the music that mattered most to me) led me
down a rabbit hole of rebellion. Towards the
end of year 10, I was called into the
co-ordinators office with my parents and was
told I wasn’t going to be going into the next
year level because my results weren’t
satisfactory. I was never wearing the right
uniform and I had outrageous hair, I felt like
a total disappointment and that I had let
everyone down especially myself, which further
compounded my feelings of worthlessness and

The next few years I began studying music at
university level and was surrounded with
people that also loved and played music.
However due to my past experiences and
upbringing I wasn’t your ‘typical’ student. I
didn’t have the years of experience that my
peers had had and my skill set didn’t align
with the constructs of the school. My first
university guitar teacher made me feel
completely useless. I remember one day at my
private lesson sitting in front of a chart of
scales (of which I knew none) and being
expected to improvise over a jazz tune. My
teacher played an absolutely amazing guitar
solo, a mad flurry of notes seemingly
effortlessly and then stopped and said ‘Now
it’s your turn Brett’. I tried to play
something but it was a complete mess, it
sounded horrible and made me feel completely
inadequate and useless.

At the age of 27 I had gotten to a stage in
my life where everything had come crashing
down around me. I had gone into business with
a new ‘friend’ which would be the cause of
1000’s of dollars worth of debt, I had no
car, no phone, no internet and had basically
alienated myself from everyone I loved and
cared about. I remember those weeks were some
of the darkest moments I had ever lived and
without my love of music to guide me through
my darkest depths of despair, I may have been
lost forever. It is now when I look back on
those times and realise they arrived in
my life to help me grow as a person, tackle
greater challenges and now perhaps even more
importantly than all of that, discover my own
inner super-hero.

It was all these experiences that gave my
life purpose and I now dedicate my life to
guiding and inspiring people across the world
to find their own super-powers and to believe
in their own unique beauty and do what makes
their heart sing. If you’d like to hear the
music and be part of the amazing journey,
Click here to listen to my most recent album,
‘Synthfinity’. It’s an album full of
exciting, fun, rockin’ and inspiring music
that helped me to negotiate some of the
darkest moments of my life, I look forward to
hearing what you think. Thanks for being a
listener and for making it all matter.