Get your digital copy of MEGALOVE’s latest 13 track album SYNTHFINITY, for just AU$14.95

Because as one fan said, “I can’t get enough of this interstellar super-hero fronted electronic outer-space rock”

1. Come With Me
2. Lady Killer
4. Millionaires
5. Vampires

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SYNTHFINITY is the latest synth-metal explosion from space-travelling rockers MEGALOVE. It is a ridiculous album of futuristic and flavoursome tracks soaked in glittery fluorescence. Following from their self-titled EP, the futuristic luscious synths, growling guitars and catchy vocals deliver unforgettable pop hooks alongside brutal metal riffs and dance beats.

Founded in 2008, MEGALOVE have supported the Potbelleez and Midnight Juggernauts and played at QBH and the East Brunswick Club. Their self-titled EP packed the John Curtin Hotel when it launched  and the limited-edition digipack is a showcase demo at Implant Media.

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