[Top Secret] You can’t tell anyone this.

The truth is I’m actually a super-hero. FOR
REAL! and I’m actually from another planet
called Electro and I’m here to save the Earth
from pure evil, this is the story and
remember, you can’t tell anyone.

The year is 1984.

In a parallel universe far far away, a
superhero called Prince Cyclone (that’s me)
is born on Planet Electro Cyclone is sent to
Earth as a child to grow up and be raised by
humans in secret.

Fast forward to modern times

Earth is now under attack by the evil DR
MUSHROOM – a mad scientist hell-bent on
taking over the world. Dr Mushroom has
created a deadly virus called MEDIOTITIS
which blocks the human mind’s ability to
dream. Mediotitis is spread through the
internet to your mobile phone, computers
tablets and televisions.

Cyclone’s weapon is SYNTHFINITY – a chemical
that frees the human brain by creating true
euphoria and love. Synthfinity is delivered
to humans through the music of MEGALOVE.

So if you love bands like electro rock bands
with riffing guitars, exciting synths,
pounding drums, you’re going to LOVE
MEGALOVE! and in the process assist in
helping defeat Dr. Mushroom and create an
inspired and creative Planet Earth.

Also I’d like to thank you for being one of
my subscribers (and your secrecy) and gift
you a song from my first EP. It’s called
‘Addicted To You’ and it’s one of the most
upbeat, fun and exciting songs from my first

Download it here

If you like the free tracks you might also
consider checking out Synthfinity. It’s my
latest album and it’s full of ridiculous
alternative outer-space electro rock tunes
that I like to think will get you inspired,
excited and happy 🙂

Talk soon,

Brett aka Prince Cyclone.

Ps. Remember this is top secret!